A tutorial on editing a podcast in FCPX

May 31st, 2016 by admin under Blog, Tutorials

Editing Resistance Radio in Final Cut Pro X.

Battery Life

February 24th, 2016 by admin under Blog

So right now I am out of town on a business trip, sitting in my hotel room and the internet just will not work. Ok I get it the internet is being shared by probably 80 other people staying at this hotel and upload speed is just non-existant. But I need to upload a small 52MB file to get this weeks episode of Resistance Radio ready to publish. So I get out my phone open up the trusty speedtest.net app and see what my 3-bars of LTE speeds will net me. A reasonable 12mbps down and 2mbps up, well not really reasonable but much better than the hotel wifi. Ok I guess its time to tether my phone and eat up my data plan. So I go to start uploading the audio file and being the dumb dumb that I am I decided not to find a usb cable but just use Wi-Fi/bluetooth tether. OK file is uploading everything is going ok and I don’t remember the battery percentage of my phone but within maybe 20 seconds of starting to upload this file I get the 20% warning. Not a big deal 20% is 1/5 of my phones battery. That should be plenty to get the file uploaded, then I can log off for the night (well not before I end up writing this). As the progress bar moves from the left to the right uploading this file that should be easy for any net work to hand, again its just over 50MBs, about every 20 secs I see the battery percentage drop by 1%, it went from 20% to 19%, then it hit 18% and 17%. after no more than 2 min to upload my phone dropped to 9% battery. Now 9% should be fine if I don’t do anything crazy but right now after the upload was complete its been on this 9% for about 10 minutes but oh my during those 2 minutes of uploading did my battery life drop like a rock. So alls well that ends well. Audio file has been uploaded. I wrote a blog post and now have 8% battery life left before I plug in to charge over night and go to bed. (yes it did finally drop 1%)

New Podcast

February 13th, 2016 by admin under Blog
small RR LogoResistance Radio is Hypable.com’s weekly podcast dedicated to the Star Wars universe. Join regular hosts Mikey and Donya for all the latest news, theories, interviews and much more from the galaxy far, far away.

Here comes the Resistance! Mikey and Donya are joined by some special guests for the first episode of Resistance Radio, Hypable’s brand new podcast dedicated to all things Star Wars.
You can contact Resistance Radio on Twitter @RRadioPodcast. And subscribe to us on iTunes!

  •  It’s our first transmission… and we’re excited.
  • Our hosts introduce themselves, and give you a little background on their experiences with Star Wars.
  • Episode VIII has been delayed to December 2017. How are we feeling about the shift away from the traditional summer release?
  • Gwendoline Christie confirmed that Captain Phasma will be returning in Episode VIII. We speculate on what direction they could take her character in.
  • Lego’s The Force Awakens got its first trailer — how delighted were we by it? (Spoiler: very.)
  • Rogue One is fast approaching, but just when and where will we get our first look? And how will it connect to the other movies?
  • Disneyland has broken ground on its Star Wars expansion and Andrew has some feelings about it. Disney is serious business.
  • Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Grey got its cover. What do we think of its ’40s war propaganda vibe?
  • Mikey and Eric get excited over the upcoming content for Star Wars Battlefront. But, more importantly, will we be getting Lando?
  • This week we’re turning our Spotlight on Rey. We talk about her role and relationships in The Force Awakens, those pesky Mary Sue comparisons, and speculate over her parentage and future in Episode VIII and beyond.