From Holiday’s Past to Holiday’s to Come

December 28th, 2009 by admin under Blog, Uncategorized

So this year I have been swamped, working for Apple, getting ProVideo Design off the ground, and planning a wedding, and buying my first home, all these things and more have made trying to keep a regular blog/journal a nightmare. I really do want to keep this thing up and going. I am just starting to learn wordpress, I think the site has started to look a bit better. I know Andrew Sims has created a really great blog and he is keeping it up to date, John Noe has started one but I think he is in the same boat I am, just starting to learn this php web stuff. This has been the first holiday season where I haven’t made a video xmas card. I spent about 3 hours are a great 3D opening scene, I even let my desktop render the first fly thru pass over night, then I never got around to actually finishing it up. Basically it was a snowy field with tree’s rendered in zaxwerks with a camera fly through where I wanted to have some text, and a particle emitter create a Glowing tree, think the sprint light commercials. But after I rendered out the trees I never found the time to get everything together. The holiday has since come and past, and now we have new years. Which is great because I will be shooting and editing a concert. This makes me really excited because this is the first gig of the New Year for Pro Video Design, and seriously I am not trying to get work yet (again new house and wedding stuff, and full time job really eat into my time), but I already have 5 gigs booked including this, a medical video, a comedy show, a wedding and a real estate house. Once I really start to look for work hopefully it will keep coming and be easy to get.

Anyway Happy Holidays and have a great NEW YEAR!!!

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