March 29th, 2010 by admin under Uncategorized

So there has been a lot of recent comparing of FCS2 vs FCS3 in compressing/encoding footage. And with all the trails that have been done both snow leopard vs leopard, FCS2 vs FCS3. I finally think I have and idea as to why this is the case. Bascially there is a new rendering engine in the FCS3 this is how it is able to do encodes in the background of FCP while you continue to work on the timeline. With all the recent rumors of a new FCS 64bit along with the corporate change up of the FCS team at apple (again all rumors) I think apple has a big update in store and they never demo unfinished tech like other companies like adobe, or microsoft. So I am looking forward to an update to the MacBook Pro line so I can continue editing on the road, and an update to the Mac Pro line. Anyway to read more on the speed tests take a look at the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group most recent article. (here)

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