48 Hour Film Project is wrapped

August 10th, 2010 by admin under Uncategorized

So the 48 Hour Film Project has come and gone. We finished on time this year, I am pretty sure we didn’t make it last year. We were running behind. I really do wish I had a bit more time for effects. But I will say Andrew totally stepped up and did an amazing job with the teleport effect. For someone who has never used after effects before he did a great job. And he picked it up really quickly. As for how I feel about the film. I don’t know if I like the direction we went in for fantasy, I really would have rather did a cheesy Wizard/Warlock/Magic battle film, but I guess in the time frame the direction we went into was pretty rad. Over all shooting went smoothly. Editing took a bit longer than I hoped but I am really happy with the pacing of the film. It moves along without really any dragging. That is something I am really happy.

And below is a gallery of photos taken by Todd/Justin/MySelf/Andrew (all on Todd’s 7D, for some reason I was so busy I never got mine out)

Andrew & the iPad Slate

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