Noise Industries – Manifesto

January 25th, 2011 by admin under Blog

The new titling plugin by Noise Industries is a must download for everyone. It is very similar to the way Boris Title 3D and Title Crawl works in Final Cut Pro.

Manifesto is a easy to use and intuitive text generator from Noise Industries. It features the ability to have a stroke, similar to the Outline Text generator, but unlike the Outline Text Generator it also has the ability to show text with just a stroke. Along with the Manifesto Static Text Generator Manifesto comes with a Roll/Crawl generator. One of my favorite features of the Roll/Crawl generator allows it to have a subtle fade at the top and bottom when its rolling, along with the same fade on the sides then the text is crawling. I know this is a similar feature to boris text but along with the built in drop shadow Manifesto works great with Unlimited RT.

If anything it is worth a download just to add to your arsenal of tool.

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