Classic FCP7 Alpha Transition for Final Cut Pro X

You can download 9 great alpha transitions from Apple. These are the same alpha transitions that were release with Final Cut Pro 7/Studio 3. This was one of my favorite transitions in FCP7 and now its in FCPX.

AlphaTransitions from Apple

AlphaTransitions from Apple

Download the Alpha Transition Content from apple at this link here.


Before you add your alpha transition clips, just like in Final Cut Pro 7

This is what it will look like after you add, your clips.


NOTE: This has been updated to support clips up to 5 seconds.
To install expand the ZIP archive and add the folder to the Motion Templates folder in the Movies folder of your home directory. Add Effects to the Effects folder and Transitions to the Transition Folder.
Some Tech notes worth mentioning. While adding all 3 types of clips allows for the Alpha transition to perform just like it did in Final Cut Pro 7, adding a Wipe Matte Only does not create the desired wipe only effect. To get the same wipe only effect that was possible in Final Cut Pro 7, add your wipe matte to the Wipe Matte drop zone and the Clip Alpha Matte drop zone. This will produce a clean looking wipe. Again this is only if you have a Wipe Matte Only and not any of the other clips. To create your own wipes using this transition, the “Wipe Matte” must go from White (Full Opacity of the outgoing Clip) to Black (Complete Transparency of the outgoing clip).

22 thoughts on “Classic FCP7 Alpha Transition for Final Cut Pro X


  2. To install expand the ZIP archive and add the folder to the Motion Templates folder in the Movies folder of your home directory. Add Effects to the Effects folder and Transitions to the Transition Folder. Hopefully that helps. Take Care!

  3. Hi, i downloaded from apple site but i don’t know how to istall: i just found same clips inside the folders not effects to put in effects and not transitions to put in transition. Could sameone help me? thank you…

  4. you just import those clips into your event. (or i made an event for alpha transitions and stick all mine in there)

  5. yes please make avideo tutorial on installing and useing this alpha trasition for fcpx.
    this was a great feature in fcp7 and wold love to be able to do it in fcpx
    thanks in advance

  6. A great idea which I loved in FCP7 but I have struggled getting it to work properly. There was only your installer which came up after download–no folders. Checked and nothing in Effects folder but is in Transitions folder. I keep getting ghosting with the wipe matte lagging behind the clip. Is there an alignment adjustment?

  7. Hi Mikey, I’m sorry didn’t see it, after install your plugin, there was a new “transition” on FCPX transition panel called “Made by Mikey”, and there was in the inspector pannel the setup window for a new alpha transition. Thank you anyway!

  8. Hey Mikey.

    I’ve installed your package & downloaded the alphas from apple. Whenever I try to drag a video (e.g. Circle – into any of the Clip or Matte areas, it is ignored. I only see the down arrow. Any ideas?

  9. Hi, Mickey.
    Unfortunately, with Mavericks, alpha transitions seem not to work anymore !

  10. Hi Mike what folder to the Motion Templates folder in the Movies folder do I need to add ??? The only problem I have now is that inside FCP I can not place a clip in a “clip” box of the alpha transition in the inspector window. It would not let me. I do not have any problems placing the other two (clip Alpha matte box & Wipe Matte box) What could be the problem ??? Thanks

  11. Thanks for all your plug-ins, they are great.
    Everyone, for this plug-in, after you load it, in the program as it’s running, go to transitions, scroll down to (Made By Mikey) then you will see a (Alpha Transition). Apply that to a scene. Now you would see a blank white transition with an arrow and nothing happens. Because you have to add the alpha clips from Apple manually. Just drag the 3 black and white transition clips that you want from Apple, just like any other movie clip into your scene. Then in your transition info window on the top right, you have 3 blank box with the same blank arrow. Then Manually drag each alpha clips into the blank arrow boxes. Make sure the wipe Matte/Alpha Matte and Clip goes into the correct box.

  12. Hi Mickey thank you for your site. It’s impossible to charge
    the 9 alpha transitions. the folder .dmg has 0 octet.
    I have FCP X.
    Thank you for your help

  13. I have a folder on my desktop with all this 9 “.mov” files.
    Where is that Motion template folder or movie folder where I need to put those .mov files ??? Are we talking Motion or FCP ??? I still can not find those folders


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