Flare Title 01

Here is a title generator for Final Cut Pro X.

This is Flare Title 01

To install expand the ZIP archive and add the folder to the Motion Templates folder in the
Movies folder of your home directory. Add “Titles By Mikey” to the Transition Folder.
Flare Title 01 has:
– Custom Background Color
– User the built in background texture or choose your own
– Flare retimes with frame blending for a smooth animation


9 thoughts on “Flare Title 01

  1. Thanks for the Flare Title 01, but I don’t see a field to enter the text for the title. Please advise…would be greatly appreciated

  2. Due to a bug in Motion to FCPX, I had to leave the Check Box for texture enabled so it will show up in FCPX. To add text first turn off the Check Box, then Enable if needed to add a custom texture.

  3. I have two of your installers in my download folder but they will not download because they are not Mac apps. Where do I go from here.

  4. Hi
    Thought I ought to mention..
    The website link is to the band I am a member of and at bottom of the page are two videos I created using FCPX. My FIRST TWO EVER! Was great to have a project to get my teeth into and although a fairly steep learning curve I absolutely loved it! Inspired me to learn more about the programme and it’s community, that’s how I discovered your awesome site. Many thanks again for your generosity.

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