FCPX EFFECTS: Blur Focus ::::Updated::::

I have created a new effect. I call it Blur Focus.

For this effect, I spent some time to make sure it had plenty of functionality. So this effect has plenty of rigs and on screen controls to add functionality.

Look at the controls at the bottom of the page.


First off is Enable Tint.
– This is a check box, it has a Tint Color option and an Opacity Slider to control the amount of tint.

–  X & Y controls for the center position for the focus point. There are also on screen controls that allows you to just click and drag the center position.

–  There are 5 type of blurs you can choose from the pop up. Gaussian Blur, Defocus Blur, Zoom Blur, Radial Blur and Soft Focus.

–  A rigged Parameter to adjust the amount of any of the blurs

–  The feather amount of the mask. There is an on screen control that is similar to the built in Final Cut Pro X Color Correction Mask  feather parameter. You can use the feather slider on grab the outside ring and move it outwards to soften the transition between in focus to out of focus.

–  This allows you to adjust the size of the mask, weather it needs to be a long oval either vertical or horizontal.

–  Use the rotation wheel so you can make your focus on an angle and not just horizontal or vertical.

–  Add or remove Saturation to the blurred area, Brighten or Darken the blurred area, Adjust the Gamma of the blurred area

– The amount  of mix between the effect and your original clip (It looks really cool with the zoom and radial blurs)


Video Tutorial


New Notable Features

  • Choose Mask Type: The ability to change from a Focus Mask to a Spot Mask
  • Choose the Mask Shape Type: Bezier (Round), Linear (Square), B-spline
  • Mask Roundness: This is more for the Linear, Mask Shape Type
  • Can use rotation to adjust from a Diamond Shape to a Square Shape
Note: You can still download the Original Version of Blur Focus Here, but I recommend using the latest version (it’s better).

39 thoughts on “FCPX EFFECTS: Blur Focus ::::Updated::::

  1. Nice work, Mikey! I had to upgrade my FCPX and Motion, so now I can install the stuff:) I like this effect–My teacher gives you props for the glass slice too! If I make anything sweet, I’ll send it your way–still learning my motion stuff and FCPX, though… Taking this and Microbiology :/

  2. OK! You just picked up another fan! I’ve been trying to do this effect for a project and have been pulling out my hair. AWESOME WORK! Thanks.

  3. I am unsure of how I install it, could someone help me out? Plugin looks amazing, you should work for Apple.

  4. Mickey – awesome effect, well done. I’m also having install issues and sure it is my mistake. I think I have everything updated and thought I had everything in the correct effects folder. Could you walk through install for this one?

  5. Hey i dont think i installed properly 🙁 the whole folder into movies/motion templates/effects and then went into fcpx and it was there but i got blue screen 🙁 PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME

  6. AJ,

    You need to make sure that you have the latest version of Final Cut Pro otherwise it will not show up (You get a bluescreen). The current version is Final Cut Pro 10.0.4 it is a free update from the Mac App Store.

  7. Hello Mickey- I have FCPX. To use your Blur Focus app does one also need to have Motion 5 installed it will it work without Motion 5? What folder exactly from your Blur Focus app does one drag into the: home/movies/Motion templates/effects/ folder ?


  8. I really appreciate bro. Im really enjoy da blur effect….. please keep me updated.. thanks for real

  9. This is great stuff – especially if you weren’t working with the right lens at the time. Great blog, great tutorials. Keep it up!

  10. Could I invert the effect? would like to blur just a small spot, ie within the circle not outside…

    any suggestions?

    great plug-in!

  11. Thankyou so much from NZ. Supurb blur filter. (Effects like this are one of the coolest things about FCPX over 7, aside from the fact that X is far quicker to edit with)

  12. Hi Mikey thanks so much for this. Just thought you should know that the link to ‘blur focus’ (updated version) is actually for “Blend modes”. Confused me! But once I downloaded the ‘old’ version it worked.

  13. This is a GREAT plugin, only problem is it make FCPX run very slowly on my macbook pro i7 quad 2011 🙁 even with 8gb ram and SSD

  14. Thanks a million, your de-focus blur is buttery soft and i can even do miniature looks. It’s a very powerful blur. Thanks again !

  15. Very nice. Please tell us where did you get the X & Y, the Control X, and the Control Y filters? I’m pretty solid in Motion but was not aware you could build your own filters. I’m studying your effect to understand the relationship of the Effect Source layer having two clone layers. It works. Just trying to understand the programming logic. Thank you.

  16. Hey, I’ve got the effect in the correct folder, but it’s not showing up. FCPX is now at version 10.1.1. Does this effect no longer work with the current version? Any help would be appreciated.

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  18. Is there a way to make the blur pulse, as if to match a heartbeat? I’m learning to edit on the fly for a project and our editor got deathly ill. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  19. Thanks for this great effect. I have a project coming up and I know the producer likes this look, so when he says can you blur out the background a little I will be ready to go.
    Best Rob

  20. Hi,

    I have FCP X 10.0.9. When I go to install your blur focus plug, the message says “Install can’t be opened because it’s from an unidentified developer.

    Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Story and identified developers.

    Any suggestions on how to get around this?



  21. You totally saved my ass with this one! Doing a corporate video for work – this makes it look SO much more professional!

  22. Hey Mikey, I was searching for a way to have a lot more control over the blur affect around our faculty videos for our institute. Your plugin was an incredible find! Within minutes I had it installed and figured out the exact look I wanted. Thank you for creating this and making it available to the world!

  23. Nice plug-in! TY!
    Now, is it possible to use two of these at the same time in one clip, when correcting an interview upper body shot,
    say just for the body and then just for the head?
    I have tried the shape shifting but still am looking for a bit finer detail.
    Despite all of the above,
    a GREAT effect that I will likely use many times in the days ahead.
    Thank you, sir!

  24. Thank you for this effect, works really well for me, highly appreciate the effort you put into making this tool.

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