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One of my favorite filters in motion is the Lightrays effect. It looks awesome on text, and bright parts of your image. The only problem with it is well….it adds it to the whole image and not just part of it. This is were my Better Lightrays comes in. I’ve included two different effects here, both the original lightrays filter from Motion 5 and my Better lightrays effect and really take a look at what you can do.


The Power of Threshold

One of the things I used to create this effect for Final Cut Pro X, was to use a image mask with threshold. This way you can control what is affected by the light rays filter. I even added a blur option so it wont be so hard on the mask. As I started to use this and see how it worked I quickly realized that I needed to be able to limit the effect even more at times. Thats where the mask 4 point mask comes in, and the ability to even colorize the rays.




  • Custom Installer
  • 4-Point mask built in
  • Brightness Threshold Mask
  • Blur Mask Control to soften the edges of the mask
  • Custom On Screen Controls
  • Colorize the Light Rays


12 thoughts on “Better Lightrays

  1. Mikey . this is a great set of plugins
    thanks so much for sharing. particularly blur focus . i was scratching my head thinking how to get that effect & you put it there doing just what i was trying for ….brilliant mate. good job !

  2. Hello Mikey,tank you very much for sharing your set of pluguins, its good job.
    best regards from Mallorca Spain.

  3. Hi Mickey, thank for sharing the better light rays effect. I found it very useful. Best regards from France.

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