Desaturate and Brightness Effects

OK well maybe not plugins but may new tools. While watching The Santa Clause 3 with my wife, I sat down to work on a problem a fellow editor was having. Basically he wanted a way to keyframe (in final cut) a specific color correct. Well more specifically a way to Over-Expose a clip. Now I have a few plugin packages that have this effect that I can keyframe and do but as I looked into it, sure enough this was not an effect that is default in Final Cut Pro’s library of effects. So here it is my keyframeable Brightness filter/effect and to fix an issue with some types of footage here is a Keyframeable Desaturate plugin. Both of these effects have installers created by Digital Rebellions Plugin Manager (Great tool by the way). Since I am not a developer make sure you have your settings set to allow all apps to install or right click and choose open on the installer to have it be a one time exception to your security settings. Once these are installed you can open up Final Cut Pro, navigate to Effects and you will see a category called “Made By Mikey” in there you will see the 2 new effects that you can drag to any clip.





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