Louisville/Indianapolis Final Cut Pro User Groups

Next week will be the second Louisville FCPUG Meeting and boy am I excited. We have a lot of  great topics that will be benefit any videographer/film maker weather you use Final Cut Pro or not. First up will be myself talking about Coremelt’s Slice X plugin. I am not going to go into detail but you can see my review on my website or on Coremelt’s site.


Next is a handy tool I just started using, Digital Rebellion’s Pro Versioner. Pro Versioner is an extensive backup and versioning tool for your project, event and bin files. It creates a backup whenever you save and is a useful way of keeping track of versions over time. The best thing about Pro Versioner in my own opinion is the screenshot that is tied to each backup. You can really see what you were doing at the time of the auto backup. Pro Versioner works with Final Cut Pro 6/7/X, Apple Motion 5, Adobe Premiere Pro 5 or higher, and Avid Media Composer 5.0 or higher.


After my two Demos we will have Indy’s own Rob Chinn show off and talk about his favorite iOS Apps that he uses while editing and during Production. Next we have Tim Gooch taking about Season 2 of his Web Series The Brothers Barbarian. This will be an overview of how he went from script to screen. I can’t to see how its’s all coming along.


And finally with time permitting I will talk about  the new features in Final Cut Pro 10.0.6 update. The last time I really demoed Final Cut Pro X in Louisville, it was still at version 10.0.1 and boy have things changed. With native Red Raw Support, Multicam Cam, Multichannel Audio Editing Tools, Full XML Support to round trip to Resolve or as we saw last meeting From Phillip you can even go back into FCP7 then go out to Color to complete your Grade. There are a lot of changes and we will talk about my favorites and finish up with a Q/A about FCPX.

Better Lightrays


Video Tutorial



One of my favorite filters in motion is the Lightrays effect. It looks awesome on text, and bright parts of your image. The only problem with it is well….it adds it to the whole image and not just part of it. This is were my Better Lightrays comes in. I’ve included two different effects here, both the original lightrays filter from Motion 5 and my Better lightrays effect and really take a look at what you can do.


The Power of Threshold

One of the things I used to create this effect for Final Cut Pro X, was to use a image mask with threshold. This way you can control what is affected by the light rays filter. I even added a blur option so it wont be so hard on the mask. As I started to use this and see how it worked I quickly realized that I needed to be able to limit the effect even more at times. Thats where the mask 4 point mask comes in, and the ability to even colorize the rays.




  • Custom Installer
  • 4-Point mask built in
  • Brightness Threshold Mask
  • Blur Mask Control to soften the edges of the mask
  • Custom On Screen Controls
  • Colorize the Light Rays