Final Cut Pro X: Flicker

This is a simple flicker effect for Final Cut Pro X. The Controls are really simple, You have the “Opacity Amount”, at 100% it goes from fully opaque to completely transparent, if you lower the amount from 100% you get an effect that does not quite turn off but just partially see through.

Flicker Effect Controls
The Flicker Amount allows you to adjust is it every frame or every 2 frames, sadly the way the parameters are rigged, you can’t change the on and off like in FCP7, hopefully I will figure out a way to do that at a later time and update this. But I have found if you play with this you can adjust it to get the effect you want.
Wave Shape and Oscillate Phase are advanced features that will change the way the flicker works. By default the square shape allows the image to be either on or off, nothing in between unless you se the opacity level, it only has 2 states. But if you change it to sine, sawtooth or triangle you can create a different effect to the flicker. The Oscillate Phase will allow you to adjust the way the effect starts this is more to change the effect from a starting point if you change the wave shape from square to something else.
This effect works great on layered video to great a cool transition, just set up your timeline like this:


You can also do it over black or in your primary storyline to create a flicker to and from black.

If anyone has any questions just let me know.