FCPX Generator: Gel

This generator is called  Gel , it can be very useful as a matte fill for text, or even as a lower third. I would love for anyone who uses it share a screen shot or a video link in the comments below. Below are a few screenshots of what Gel can look like. Let me know what you think.

Gel For FCPX

  • Has on screen controls to change Gel Origin
  • Custom Color Controls
  • Has presets for Blood, Green Ooze and Orange Stuff
  • Great for Text Fills


Final Cut Pro X: Certification Class

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FCPX Generator: Pixel Grid

This is the first in a series of generators I’ve created. I recently had some work that required me to have some funky backgrounds. So once this job was done I took what I had created and added some nice perks too it so I could use it again in other projects. I have 4 different generators this is the first one. I call it pixel grid. Because well….it is a grid of pixels.

ControlsThe controls are pretty basic.

You have the pixel color and the background color of the generator. The amount of pixels on screen. The scale of the pixels. The rotation of the grid/pixels. The grid color. The grid line feather (its creates a pretty cool effect. And the Grid line opacity, so you can turn off the grid. Below are a few screen shots from the generator.