Desaturate and Brightness Effects

OK well maybe not plugins but may new tools. While watching The Santa Clause 3 with my wife, I sat down to work on a problem a fellow editor was having. Basically he wanted a way to keyframe (in final cut) a specific color correct. Well more specifically a way to Over-Expose a clip. Now I have a few plugin packages that have this effect that I can keyframe and do but as I looked into it, sure enough this was not an effect that is default in Final Cut Pro’s library of effects. So here it is my keyframeable Brightness filter/effect and to fix an issue with some types of footage here is a Keyframeable Desaturate plugin. Both of these effects have installers created by Digital Rebellions Plugin Manager (Great tool by the way). Since I am not a developer make sure you have your settings set to allow all apps to install or right click and choose open on the installer to have it be a one time exception to your security settings. Once these are installed you can open up Final Cut Pro, navigate to Effects and you will see a category called “Made By Mikey” in there you will see the 2 new effects that you can drag to any clip.





Blend Modes FCPX Effect

So this is the blend modes effect that I created during the motion 5 demo at the February Louisville Final Cut Pro User Group meeting. It’s a very simple effect that allows you at use blend modes on the clip that is applied to without having to duplicate the clip and apply the blend mode on the clip above. It has 2 sliders, 1 checkbox and 1 dropdown menu.

You first choose a blend mode from the drop down menu. Then you can adjust the opacity slider for the desired blend amount. You have the option to have a blur applied to the top layer by checking the check box. You then can adjust the blur amount with the 2nd slider.


9 to 5: My drive to and from work

Here is a video I made using my iPhone. This is a weeks worth of photos I put together to make a timelapse of my drive to and from work. After making this and seeing people have questions on how to build a timelapse sequence in motion 5 or in FCPX I will be creating a tutorial showing how to create your timelapse using compressor. (Hint: It’s really easy)